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Ironman Diablo is for veteran Diablo players who no longer feel challenged by standard games. This type of play clearly separates the "point-and-clickers" from the experienced gamers.

Ironman games start with one Warrior, one Rogue, and one Sorcerer. All characters must be completely new Level 1 characters. Upon arrival in the town, the party decides how to spend their gold, usually buying potions, sometimes armor if they can afford it. After entering the church, they never return to town!*

Using only what they find in the dungeon to aid them, the group pushes their way into the dungeon, striving to go as deep as possible. To survive, they must employ new defensive and offensive tactics and learn to conserve precious resources.

Only the most experienced group of players will be able to venture more than a few levels deep before abandoning hope. And only a party whose players have mastered their respective characters classes stand a chance of killing Diablo.

1. The game is ALWAYS played with at least one character of each class. (typically 3 player games)

2. All players start as completely new Level 1 characters that have never set foot in any game. That means starting with only the standard issue equipment for the char class, and your 100 gold.

3. At the start of the game, players may use their initial 100 gold each to purchase what they will from Griswold, Wirt, Pepin, or Adria, and after that no further contact with NPCs can be made. BEFORE entering the dungeon, the party spends their gold however they wish.

4. At no time after entering the dungeon may a player buy anything, receive healing from Pepin, or identification from Cain. Players may, however, return to town at any time (though there is little to do there). The party survives using only what it can find in the dungeon.

5. When a player dies, the party can resurrect the dead character, if possible. Otherwise the player must restart in town. The player must immediately rejoin the group without stopping for anything in town. If available, the player can return via Town Portal.

6. The game is over when:

7. If the players agree, a game can be stopped and resumed later IF you stop playing after clearing an entire 4-level section of dungeon (i.e. the Caves). For example, say the party clears levels 1-4, then decide they will pick up the game later. When they are ready to play again, they would simply enter the dungeon using the Catacombs entrance instead of the Church.

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